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If you are looking for a healthy alternative to smoking, then e-cigs are the answer to all your problems. While many people think of e-cigs to be a more lucrative option, many others think it to be a fantastic way to smoke in style. Right from customized flavors to stylish cartomizers to a seductive e-cig device, everything spells style in its own manner.

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There are a variety of e-cig brands in the market currently, each of which are competing with the other to win the hearts, minds and souls of their loyal customers. However, the brand which has surpassed all other competing brands is Green Smoke. With the site being based out of United Kingdom, with a facility located in MiddleSex, Green Smoke has slowly and steadily made its presence known to one and all. While people are raving over the 2 piece design of the e-cig, many others are simply content with the kind of style and panache the very concept of e-cig smoking brings with it.


Green Smoke manufacturers have really spent a good amount of time planning the things out for their product. The contents of the starter kit comes ensconced in a neat little box, complete with a tips card, health card, a USB e-cig device, 5 cartomizers along with a charging adapter and rechargeable battery. All you have to do is plug in the cartomizer into the battery and you should be all set to set the world on fire (not literally).

Another benefit of the short and long e-cig designs of the Green Smoke utility e-cig is the design. While the similarities to a traditional cigarette can’t be overlooked, many others prefer to invest in the utility and design of the Green Smoke e-cig.


Green Smoke is the Best E-Cig in the UK!

Flavors: The flavors and the cartomizers are the lifeline of the e-cig fraternity. If you too have used an e-cig in the past, you will realize the importance of a good flavored cartridge for vaping. With Green Smoke, everything is taken care of for the end user. Right from the flavors to the batteries to the vaping experience, they have taken care of everything. This is the benefit you get by being associated with a global brand. Here’s a list of some of the flavors which you can get with Green Smoke:

  • 3 types of tobacco
  • Menthol
  • Vanilla
  • Coffee
  • Chocolate

While some of the flavors are limited to these options only, you can rest assured that each flavor is better than the other. You can imagine the kind of quality you are getting, just by being associated with a brand.

Vapor Production

Green Smoke comes with a tagline of “being the best in the industry”, especially when it comes to vaping. While many of the manufacturers may not vouch for the authenticity of their vaping experience, many others, Green Smoke included, vouch for the experience and the quality of their vapor. The flavors are great, the batteries are durable and the products are simply mind blowing. Definitely a brand to be associated with in the long run!


If you are seeking a good e-cig, then this is the brand to be with. Right from quality contents to funky starter kits to extensive products, you name it and you shall have it. Green Smoke is known for some reasons only and you should know that you are in for a good treatment, especially, when you’re investing your hard earned money in this brand.